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SongWriting Lesson

Sing your story! 

Want to hone your skills as a songwriter? We can start from the very beginning or dive into the complexity of the art form. Whether you're a singer, composer, art maker or art lover - there’s so much to discover in songwriting! 


Emma has been writing music and lyrics since she was 15 years old. Emma has a diverse portfolio of work. She loved working with Award winning French Electro-Pop-Opera band CocoRosie - who have over 20 million streams on Spotify! She also writes music/lyrics for dance performances, theatre performances, film and even trailers. Favorite moments include working with Sweetshop productions on their upcoming world premiere centering on grief and community and Watermill’s annual gala which was featured on ABC. Recently, she wrote the score for the Odyssey which premiered as part of Hangar Theatre’s mainstage season. Emma also just finished writing the score for a French film that will come out in late 2025. She is currently developing a genre bending musical that has received support from Trinity College Dublin’s residency program, The Cherry Arts Centre and a Community Arts and Partnership grant. 


Emma is happy to support other songwriters including students and alumni like Mjeam, Rachel Aberman, Kayli Sousa, Hayley Solas and Sarah Jane Wardlaw. She has also taught group classes with Spring Writes Literary Festival and Spotlight Dublin. 

50 min


Sample Schedule!


Topics might include

Song form, rhyme scheme and word choice


The creative process, writer's block and using primary sources


Writing for other people, for specific genres and for narrative or non-narrative purposes


Collaborating with other writers, singers, instrumentalists, composers and producers


Writing for musicals, plays, radio shows, comedies and other venues.

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