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Singing isn't about trying to sound like someone else, it's about embracing the beauty of your own voice. Technique means understanding your anatomy, having effective 

warmups and confidence in your training. Give yourself permission to learn, to grow and to celebrate your voice!


I focus on the voice, mind and body connection. I make sure my students know proper alignment, the anatomy of the voice, breath support, resonators, diction, and ear training. This gives students support, strength and confidence in their vocal abilities.

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"A Painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence" - Leopold Stokovski


Sarah Gordon

Recording Artist, Musical Theatre Actor

"I worked with Emma on one of her musical projects before undergoing online vocal tuition. She keeps a record of every student and thinks about how to help them improve, tailoring vocal lessons that are designed to help that particular individual improve. I see visible improvements after only a few lessons from vocal range to breath control and it really shows in my live studio recordings I do for YouTube. I would highly recommend lessons with her for anyone who wants to improve their voice. Not to mention Emma is friendly, positive and a fun teacher!”

Maianh Nguyen.jpg

Maianh Nguyen

Dancer, Creative

"Emma is amazing! She can tailor to your needs whether you're beginner or advanced. Her work has made my singing voice improve immensely and not just improve singing but my understanding of music. The professionalism and high quality work really shines especially in her approach to her students, she's so encouraging and without making you feel bad or embarrassed! Personally I had other vocal teachers but I've haven't switched from Emma since we've been working together for months now and no doubt I recommend 5 stars!" 

Kayli Sousa 1.jpg

Kayli Sousa

Recording Artist

"Emma is such an amazing teacher. She fits so much inside one lesson. Emma has made me so much more confident in myself and in my voice. She is helping cure my throat with various exercises and techniques. Anyone would be lucky to have Emma as a teacher, thank you so much for having me as a student."



30 minute, one time only, free voice consultation

30 min


Voice Lesson

Take your first lesson or try our 6 week deal!

50 min



Learn about lyrics and melody, for singers and non-singers!

50 min

$60 per class

Somatic Stress Ease

6 weeks of Experiential Anatomy, Breathwork, Polyvagal theory, Alexander and More

6 hr +


Master or Group Class

Ongoing classes and masterclasses 

1.5-2 hr

Enquire for price


Vocal coach on theatre, musical theatre, recording, gigging, film and TV

Enquire for Time

Enquire for price

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